The Final Portfolio

Rogue Media

Below is the logo and promotional show reel used to advertise the company I have created, Rogue Media.


Phoenix Partnership

Below is the complete collection of all the materials created for Phoenix Partnership, the client found for this project. The aim was to create a portfolio of designs which would help to provide them with a new way of promoting themselves.


Phoenix Partnership Logo

Mock Website Design

Phoenix Partnership Website Homepage Design
Phoenix Partnership Contact Page Design
About us
Phoenix Partnership About Page Design

Promotional Coaster Design

Phoenix Partnership Coaster Design

Business Card

Business Card Design (Front)
Business Card Design (Back)

Letterhead Design

Letterhead Design



Phoenix Partnership Review

“The work completed by Conor and Rogue Media was excellent. The logo was simple and reflected the image of the company as well as the supporting materials like the coasters and letterheads. The video advert and the website were new ideas to the company and were much appreciated as they showed off our company in a new way, different to the other marketing materials we have previously used for our company. Conor made sure the design of his materials fit the company image and were delivered to the high standard that I would expect to see from a company if we had sourced an already established company.”

-Paul , Phoenix Partnership


Overall the project was a success, at the start I was unaware of how to start up a business and market myself but now I have a business plan in place as well as supporting materials to demonstrate my capabilities, whether that be the media created for Rogue Media or for our first client, Phoenix Partnership. The positive review provided by Phoenix Partnership is proof that I could provide what the clients want to the high standard to which they expect. This blog acts as a way for me to demonstrate my creative and technical decisions throughout this project as well as creating a portfolio of what I could do for future clients.

This project has made me significantly more confident in marketing myself as an alternative to larger companies and this will allow me to attract future clients due to prior experience which has proven to be successful.