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Rogue Media Show Reel (post 5/11)

When designing, the company show reel video for Rogue Media, I had to consider what Rogue Media are trying to sell to clients so that all aspects of the company are mentioned and a variety of interesting media products are shown to interest the audience. The film contains clips created in the past few years which demonstrate the abilities I have, to create a product for a client.

The main aspects shown where documentary making, film cinematography and graphic design as they cover the basis of the company’s portfolio. The clips were kept short as well as the total length of the show reel for the audience to remain invested in the content for the duration of the video and to provide a variety of examples in a short space of time. The music chosen came from a copyright free source which was referenced at the end. The music was selected as it provided an upbeat and exciting tone which was common among show reels for other competitor companies.

The show reel was added to the main page on the Rogue Media website in order for potential clients to watch it first so that they can be impressed by the company and understand what it is that they do.


Phoenix Partnership Website Design (post 11/11)

One artefact Phoenix Partnership were interested in was a website design. This was due to discussions about how important a website is at capturing a larger number of clients in today’s current age. A website allows the potential clients to have an area of reference for the company, adds credibility and as “60% of small businesses in the UK still have no online presence” it allows you to capture an audience via a means most small businesses don’t currently have.

The Phoenix Partnership Website Pages Created

The website design created was a mock up idea so that Phoenix Partnership could visualise how the website would look. For this design, three pages were created in Adobe PhotoShop to demonstrate how these will differ from each other whilst still staying consistent with each other. The website menu at the top featured the following pages:

‘Home’-This page is the main page where potential customers would view first. It features a simplistic design with a brief description of the company/what they do along with a copy of their promotional video to help sell what the company is about to the potential clients.

‘About Us’-This page features brief descriptions of what the company’s aims are that potential clients can see whether they are suitable for the service they require as well as provide a list of some of their selling points. These were listed with bullet point shaped like ticks. The use of ticks as bullet points was common with many websites in the same sector as they help keep up positivity about the company. At the bottom of this page was a box left empty so that client reviews could be added if they started to use their website and ask for customers to review their service, again this was common to see on other websites.

‘Services’-This page would show the range of services that Phoenix Partnership offers. This is an important page as it would give a more detailed look at what they do.

‘FAQ’-This page would be for Phoenix Partnership to answer any frequently asked questions. This would potentially help save time as potential clients may not have to contact to ask a question as it may have already been answered.

‘Contact’-This page was designed to have a variety of contact methods to allow the potential clients to make contact to request a service or for general enquiries.

To create the design, research was conducted into what makes a website successful and a few key points arose. The Guardian listed accessibility as one of their tips. Being accessible means allowing people to make contact in a way that suits them. Therefore, the contact page was added so that customers can make contact via the contact form at any given time. There was also a map on this page so people can know where to meet the Phoenix Partnership staff, also at the bottom of each page there is a phone number and email address so people can use these to contact if preferred.

The Guardian also said that the website should focus on “building relationships with customers and potential customers” to capture this aspect there was a section left empty where there is space for a list of reviews from past customers, encouraging clients to provide feedback as well as attracting new customers with high rated reviews.

The home page was designed around an example from the website for Santorini, a financial planning company. In this design, there was a large logo as well as a video on the homepage below. Also in the example shown, beside the video was a quote about the company’s aims and so this was replicated on the Phoenix Partnership website as it allows the potential clients to see the work that they can do quickly in text or via an easy to access way.

example 1
Santorini Website Home Page

Another website looked at was the one for Bankfield, the independent financial advisory company. This website featured a contact page which was clear to understand an access. This was used to help design the Phoenix Partnership contact page. The Bankfield example was uncluttered and featured, contact details, a map as well as an online contact form. This provided many ways for the client to contact and so this was adopted in my design.

example 2
The Bankfield Website’s Contact Page

The Hunter Aitkenhead & Walker website helped me to come up with the idea of having a review section on the Phoenix Partnership website. This website had reviews from past clients on their website. The reviews will help increase the company’s credibility by showing that people are happy with the service they receive.

example 3
The Hunter Aitkenhead & Walker Review Section

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