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Rogue Media Show Reel (post 5/11)

When designing, the company show reel video for Rogue Media, I had to consider what Rogue Media are trying to sell to clients so that all aspects of the company are mentioned and a variety of interesting media products are shown to interest the audience. The film contains clips created in the past few years which demonstrate the abilities I have, to create a product for a client.

The main aspects shown where documentary making, film cinematography and graphic design as they cover the basis of the company’s portfolio. The clips were kept short as well as the total length of the show reel for the audience to remain invested in the content for the duration of the video and to provide a variety of examples in a short space of time. The music chosen came from a copyright free source which was referenced at the end. The music was selected as it provided an upbeat and exciting tone which was common among show reels for other competitor companies.

The show reel was added to the main page on the Rogue Media website in order for potential clients to watch it first so that they can be impressed by the company and understand what it is that they do.