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Phoenix Partnership Letterhead and Business Card Designs (post 10/11)

One of the things Phoenix Partnership wanted from Rogue Media was a new design for a letterhead and a new design for their business cards. This was since that they were receiving a new company logo and so they wanted their designs to change as well.

When creating the design, many examples were looked at online to ensure that it was like other companies which had been proven to be successful. The previous Phoenix Partnership letterhead design was also looked at to help provide the information that they wanted.

When working on the letterhead, the client requested that this new design shouldn’t take up too much space on the page. It should also provide information relevant to the company so that their customers would be able to contact them. Most of the examples found had both headers and footers, however, it was requested that there wouldn’t be a footer in order to create more space on the page.

The deign created was simple and provided the logo with company name, phone number, address and email address. The design also didn’t take up a large proportion of the page and due to the simple design, it wouldn’t detract attention from the document’s contents.

The Final Letterhead Design

The business card was designed with the same ideas in mind, it head to be simple due to their small size and contact information had to be easy to read. The information on the business card included the company name/logo, the website, the email and the name of the person working for Phoenix Partnership. There is also a QR code which will lead to the company website. QR codes are being used more frequently as it allows people to get on the website with minimal effort.


Final Business Card Design

The only issue with Rogue Media creating these media artefacts is that they initially don’t posses the means to mass produce these products and so an outside company will have to be sourced to print these off. This will limit the amount of money that can be made from selling these, however, as Rogue Media are focusing on the design element, it would not be cost-effective to purchase large-scale printing equipment as this would not be an effective use of the company’s budget initially.


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