Rogue Media-The Social Media Push (post 4/11)

In order for Rogue Media to receive any clientele we had to be marketed appropriately to help get the company name out there. One of the methods chosen was to create a social media presence. Having a social media presence is proven to be a successful way of brand promotion, due to the number of participants using these websites and the availability of free promotion.

The first social networking sites decided upon was Facebook ( Facebook has the largest number of members and is seen to be used regularly by companies publishing to sell their products/services to the consumers. During the third quarter of 2016 Facebook was known to have 1.79 billion monthly active users. Due to my familiarity with the website, a page was created quickly, providing potential clients with a central hub for the business on the social media site. The website was personalised to provide website and contact information so that the services can be accessed and it was designed with the recognisable company logo to let them know what company they are looking at. To encourage people to view this page there was a widget on the websites to link people to the Facebook page.

A post on the Rogue Media Facebook

If the number of Facebook ‘likes’ or ‘comments’ on the Rogue Media page increases the page will get free publicity, and as Rogue Media is starting up, this will help get the company off the ground. When pages are ‘liked’ by someone, their friends will see this on their timeline and so the likelihood of Rogue Media being discovered by other people increases.

Rogue Media also created their own Instagram account (rogue_media_uk)to help promote themselves through a totally visual medium. This will help the company grow as using a different site will attract a new audience and presenting content in a visual form may help attract people by just seeing an image of the projects instead of just having a post with a big post of text, similar to how it may be seen on Facebook.

A post on the Rogue Media Instagram


STATISTA (n/a) Number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide as of 4th quarter 2016 (in millions). [Online] statista. Available from: [Accessed 02/01/17]


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