Rogue Media Website (post 6/11)

When designing the website for Rogue Media (, simplicity was kept in mind. The website needed to be used to promote the company by showcasing the work that Rogue Media can do, information about the company and it’s members as well as a way for potential clients to contact. The website WordPress was used to create this website as they provided a range of free themes which could be customised to create a professional looking website with ease.

At the top of each page is the Rogue Media logo and tagline in order for the clients to have the company’s identity in their mind throughout their time on the website. Below this was the menu bar. The menu bar was simple and easy to use, it featured the title of each page on the website which can be clicked on. The page that the user is currently on would change colour so that it was clear to see which page thy are on.

At the bottom of each page was a footer providing additional information about the company. It had a link to the company Facebook and Instagram page to help promote the page and to provide the user with further information that wouldn’t necessarily be on the website. To ensure that the clients knew how to make contact, two more widgets were added. One was a simple text widget which provided email and phone details along with details on how to access the contact form and the other was a map which showed the location and address of the company’s base.

The home page was created to be simple in order for the promotional video to be easy to see. This allows the potential clients to understand the company and what they do quickly and in a visual form which in itself, shows the client what Rogue Media does.

The ‘About Us’ page was added to provide brief information about what the company does, where they’re located as well as information about the team. This page was also kept simple so that the information was clear to the potential clients and only contained important information.

The Contact Us Page was also simple, this was to allow the potential clients to contact the company without any hassle. The main feature on this page was the contact form which was linked to the company e-mail account so that users could fill out the information and it would be sent straight to the company in an easy to read form. Above the form information about the company e-mail address and phone number were added so that the potential clients could contact using these alternative methods if that is what suits them best.


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