Phoenix Partnership Video Advert (post 9/11)

It was decided that I was going to create a short promotional video for Phoenix Partnership to help sell themselves in a different way than they previously have. It was decided that the website should be about capturing several key points throughout life to allow the audience to easily relate to what they see and therefore create interest. The pacing of the advert was slow and the music was calm and relaxing. This was an intentionally decision as it was designed so that the viewer would feel more relaxed and have a positive feeling about the company, whereas an advert where the pace is fast and intense may have left the viewer feeling less positive towards what they’ve seen.

The footage was mostly collected using a Canon XF100 and tripod which enabled me to get a high-quality video using a small portable device, perfect for a one-man production job and the video of the child was made to look like old personal family footage. The video was edited using Adobe Première Pro due to its variety of effects and previous experience with this software.

The design of the video was to show different points most of us experience through life and show it in a relaxing way to show the viewer that Phoenix Partnership is for people at different stages in their life and that the job will be created in a stress-free way, presenting the company in a positive way. Inspiration was taken from the NatWest: We Are What We Do advert which shows different human traits from different kinds of people to show how they can provide services for all kinds of people and they understand how everyone is different but how they can still relate to everyone. This set the company’s image up in a positive way and so this was used to help generate some of the ideas for the Phoenix Partnership advert so that viewers would get the same positive image from their advert as NatWest did.

The main information that needed to be on the advert was the company name, logo as well as contact details. This information was added to the end of the advert for the viewer to see the information collected together. The information given was limited so that the viewer wouldn’t be overwhelmed with a lot of information which would hopefully allow them to retain the vital information, which was included, so they could find out more detailed information after they have the company’s name in their head.



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Available from: [01/03/17].


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