Phoenix Partnership Coaster Design (post 8/11)

Another artefact created for Phoenix Partnership was a coaster which they could handout to potential clients to keep the brand image and name in their minds if used. Coasters are often given out by other companies in the financial sector as a way of marketing themselves and so it was important for Phoenix Partnership to have a design that they can use. The design was made using Adobe PhotoShop. Due to the small size of the average drinks coaster, the information had to be limited to remain clear and the company logo and name had to be the biggest and clearest part to ensure that this piece of promotional material would work successfully. The square shape was chosen as opposed to a circular shape as it would allow for more information to be added, increasing the chances of someone using the contact information.

Coaster final.png
The Coaster Design for Phoenix Partnership

The background chosen was plain white with a blue border. This was to make the text and logo clear and the blue border helped to make it more aesthetically pleasing. The information chosen included a brief description of the company ‘FCA Regulated Independent Mortgage and Insurance Advice.’ This was chosen to be at the top as it’s important that people remember what the Phoenix Partnership company does. Underneath the description, the logo was added in a large size so that it was easy to recognise, even on the small size of the coaster. At the bottom of the coaster important contact information was added including address, phone number and email address in order for people to contact the company without having to search for contact information online. Additional information wasn’t chosen for the text size to not be reduced as it would have made it harder to read.


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